A Frigid Reckoning: ‘Marauders #8’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Emma Frost is leading a tour of young mutants through the various facilities of Krakoa when she is contacted by Bishop. Kate Pryde is dead–killed off the coast of Madripoor. Emma contacts Iceman and sends him to extract Bishop along with Kate’s body. Once Bobby learns of Kate’s fate, his coldest fury is ignited and he’s ready to kill anyone connected to her death. It’s up to Bishop to hold Iceman back. Back at Krakoa, Emma has to break the news to Storm.

Marauders #8 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
Marauders #8 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

Marauders #8 deals with the aftermath of Kate Pryde’s death. The Marauders’ grief is compounded by the fact that Kate was never able to cross the gates into Krakoa and they are unsure if she can be resurrected by the Five.
It’s a comic full of rage and sorrow. We learn how much Emma has come to care for Kate in her immediate response to the news and she and Storm try to come to grips with the loss together.
We get to watch a fully unleashed Iceman in what is undoubtedly the best sequence in the comic. Bobby attacks the ship with an unmitigated cold that leaves the soldiers frostbitten and the metal hull as fragile as glass. It’s a highly cathartic scene–even if Kate is brought back, these bigoted murderers are still happy to kill mutants indiscriminately. They have more than earned a cold reckoning.
Marauders #8 art by Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, and letterer VC's Cory Petit
Marauders #8 art by Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, and letterer VC’s Cory Petit

Stefano Caselli brings all of this anguish and rage to life in gripping and vivid detail. The aforementioned Iceman sequence in particular delivers some memorable panels. The exchange between Emma and Storm is emotional as all hell thanks to Caselli’s art. Edgar Delgado’s color work is explosive and vibrant throughout the book, adding to the emotional pitch of the book.
Marauders #8 is another stellar issue for this X-book. Kate Pryde has fallen, but her allies will make sure those responsible will pay dearly. Even if we get to see Shadowcat revived, this will remain a very cathartic installment that shows the deep bonds between this Marauders team. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Give it a read.
Marauders #8 comes to us from writer Gerry Duggan, artist Stefano Caselli, color artist Edgar Delgado, letterer VC’s Cory Petit, and cover artist Russell Dauterman with Matthew Wilson.
Final Score: 9/10

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