Art For Art’s Sake #42: Comic Art Yourself RAW

by Richard Bruton

Welcome once again to your weekly zip around the comic art world, finding you a sequential art feast for those weary eyes. Sit back, relax, enjoy… it’s Art For Art’s Sake.
Olivia James, definitively Bushmiller’s successor…

Another spectacular bit of Gilbert Hernandez cover design…

And more gorgeous cover work… this time from The Walking Man (Expanded Edition) by Jiro Taniguchi

Swimming In Darkness from Arsenal Pulp Press by Lucas Harari… architectural school dropout travels to Vals in the Swiss Alps, home of a thermal springs complex located deep inside a mountain, a complex designed by Peter Zumthor, the subject of the student’s thesis. Secrets, obsessions, architectural madness. It’s oh so good.

Stunning Sean Philips page from his and Ed Brubaker’s My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies.

Jon J Muth cover art… always stunning…

Hubert Chevillard art from the Lewis Trondheim written Stay

Some beautiful work from Henry Flint in Judge Dredd The Small House

Zaucer of Zilk art from the ever-wonderful Brendan McCarthy and Len O’Grady

Beautiful Bryan Talbot artwork from his last book with Mary Talbot, Rain. An appropriate inclusion given the flooding we’ve had once again here in the UK and in particular in Hebden Bridge too, which Rain is based on after the last time it flooded, wiping out the local comic book store. Well, unfortunate, that same store has been affected again.

Evan Dorkin‘s lactose lovable pals…

Dropped down a nostalgic Internet spiral of girls’ comics earlier in the week, bring us such gems as theses…
John Richardson

Jim BaikieThe Forbidden Garden

Susan of St. Bride’s in Relief Nurse – artists Ray Bailey and Phil Townsend, writer Ruth Adam.

And to end with… classic comix from yesteryear… the magnificence that was RAW. Created and edited by Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly and published from 1980 to 1991, it was a magnificent showcase for alternative comics of the time, featuring the big names alongside lesser-knowns, and giving the English speaking comics world a glimpse of some of the best in Euro-comix. And it looked, consistently, beautiful, staggeringly well designed for a decade plus, whether that was with the very, very oversized comics of volume one or the digest sized collections of volume two. Always wonderful, always blazing a trail.
Raw Vol 1 No 1: The Graphix Magazine of Postponed Suicides 1980 – Cover by Art Spiegelman:

Raw Vol 1 No 2: The Graphix Magazine for Damned Intellectuals 1980 – Cover by Joost Swarte. Notable, of course, for the opening chapter of Spiegelman’s Maus as a comic within the comic…

Raw Vol 1 No 3: Gorgeous and striking Gary Panter cover…

Raw Vol 1 No 4: The Graphix Magazine for Your Bomb Shelter’s Coffee Table 1982, cover by Charles Burns, with cut outs to show you bits of the Burns art on page 3

Raw Vol 1 No 6: Overestimates the Taste of the American Public 1984: Cover by Mark Beyer.

Raw Vol 1  No 7: The Torn-Again Graphix Mag 1985 – part of the whole cutting edge design thing done as a ripping edge design… the top right corner of the cover deliberately torn off.

Raw Vol 1 No 8: The Graphic Aspirin for War Fever 1986 – Cover by Kaz

Hard Boiled Defective Stories, 1988 – Charles Burns

Possibly my favourite title ever for a comic… One of numerous Raw one-shot comics, this was Gary Panter’s Invasion of the Elvis Zombies from 1984, small-town America assailed by an Elvis zombie invasion.

Raw Vol 2 No 2: Required Reading for the Post-Literate 1990: Cover by Joost Swarte

Robert Crumb cover for the final issue, Raw Vol 2 No 3: High Culture for Low Brows 1991

And of course… Art Spiegelman… Self Portrait with Maus Mask, 1989

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