Super Sunday (Part 8): Redemption Is Internal In ‘Crone #5’ Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Crone #5 cover by Justin Greenwood and Brad Simpson

(++ Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead ++)

Bloody Bliss lept from the Broken Keep into the River of Triumph, but Corinne saved Bliss and took her back home. Bliss is still alive, but all still seems lost. D’Kayde won, and only a few resistance fighters are now left. However, Bloody Bliss is finally ready to fight back. There are more free people left who will fight back against D’Kayde and his Harbingers, and Bliss is ready to unite them and take the fight back to the Broken Keep. Bliss is ready to defeat D’Kayde, even if he is her old friend, Vor the Lion.
Crone #5 brings this Dark Horse miniseries to a climactic ending. After Bliss embraced death during her last battle at the Broken Keep, something finally struck her. She is ready to forgive herself, and she finally has the fight in her once again.
As great as Crone has been so far, this final issue feels weirdly rushed. A lot happens in a very short period of time, and much of it is summarized. After Bliss tells Corinne that she’s ready to fight back against D’Kayde again, we are treated to a montage of Bliss finding and uniting people across the realm. We don’t really know how she convinced them to join her and fight against D’Kayde; we just have to take the comic’s word for it.
Even the final confrontation with D’Kayde is pretty brief. Bliss brings a whole army back to the Broken Keep, and Vor just rushes her directly. There’s not a lot of buildup to it; it just happens.

Crone #5 art by Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and letterer Pat Brosseau
Crone #5 art by Justin Greenwood, Brad Simpson, and letterer Pat Brosseau

Justin Greenwood finishes strong of course. His detailing, styling, and action scenes gel well with the tone of the comic and its characters. The battle between D’Kayde and Bliss looks especially great, even if it’s fairly brief. Brad Simpson delivers an especially strong color treatment to this issue, giving the book a palpable atmosphere.
Crone #5 is a solid finish to the series, but it does have its problems. A lot of story is packed into this single issue, and you’re left with the impression that this book could have gone on another three or four issues. Regardless, it is an enjoyable read with strong visuals, and it earns a recommendation. Pick it up.
Crone #5 comes to us from writer Dennis Culver, artist Justin Greenwood, color artist Brad Simpson, letterer Pat Brosseau, and cover artist Justin Greenwood with Brad Simpson.
Final Score: 7/10

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