A Fraught Mental State – Curt Pires Talks ‘Wyrd’ From Dark Horse

by James Ferguson

How do you solve a problem like Pitor Wyrd? This seemingly immortal one-man wrecking crew has a death wish and he’s performing covert ops and special missions for the U.S. government along the way. The four-issue miniseries of Wyrd from writer Curt Pires, artist Antonio Fuso, and colorist Stefano Simeone, has been collected in a trade paperback available now. I had a chance to speak with Pires about the book, and what other immortal characters Wyrd might hang out with.
When the U.S. government runs up against situations too strange for them to handle alone they only have one asset to call in–Pitor Wyrd. Whatever mission needs doing, whatever mystery needs solving, the roguishly handsome and surprisingly tough Wyrd acts as a one-man black ops team. Collects issues #1-#4 of the miniseries.

James Ferguson: How would you describe Pitor Wyrd’s mental state?
Curt Pires: Fraught.
JF: Do you think he’ll ever be happy? Or will that only come with death?
CW: Probably not. I think even his idea that his death will bring him happiness is a flawed one. The only thing that will likely heal him is figuring out his past, and reconciling his feelings towards it.
JF: Wyrd jumps around through time, showing different aspects of the character’s long life. How do you keep track of all of these moments in the right order?
CW: There’s really only three timelines… and I’ve got it pretty mapped out as to where things go. That said there’s room for the story to grow and change as we work on it.

JF: What drew you to this mash-up of genres? There’s espionage, the occult, a pinch of comedy, and a bit of super heroics (albeit a darker form).
CW: It’s sort of just the type of comic I like reading. That’s the secret – I make most of these books for myself.
JF: How would Pitor Wyrd handle encounters with other seemingly immortal characters in comics? Would he get a drink with Wolverine or fight him?
CW: Him and Wolverine would probably start the night as friends, get blackout drunk, kick the shit out of each other. Begrudgingly apologize to one and other the next morning, and then do it all over again.
Comicon would like to thank Curt Pires for taking the time to speak with us. Wyrd is currently available as a trade paperback collection at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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