Review: Johnny Blaze Is On The Highway To Hell In ‘Ghost Rider’ #6 From Brisson, Frigeri And Marvel

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Aaron Kuder and Jason Keith

Johnny Blaze’s fiery path across Earth has left a path of bodies in its wake. In Ghost Rider #6 the heroes of the Marvel Universe start to take notice, and it starts a war that catches the entire universe in the crossfire.

Ed Brisson, Juan Frigeri, Jason Keith, Dono Sanchez-Almara and Joe Caramagna escalate the war between the Rider and Hell.

Doctor Strange has come for Johnny, determined to stop his rampage and throw Mephisto back in his mystical prison. However, it may not be that easy- Blackheart is coming for them. Their only hope may be Danny Ketch, Wolverine and the Punisher, who are having troubles of their own…

Brisson does a lot in this issue. At moments it’s a little too much, but he still juggles the multiple plotlines well. His character work for the last five issues gives each plot the weight it needs, so even with the highly compressed nature of the story, it has an impact on the reader. It’s not a perfect read, but it’s extremely enjoyable and is clearly leading towards some interesting resolution.

Frigeri continues to improve each issue. His action is dynamic and explosive, especially with Strange and Johnny’s magic fight, which can be hard to depict sometimes. He’s able to capture the personalities of the individual characters really well too, especially Danny and his allies. Keith and Sanchez-Almara’s colors are moody and really set the tone for the adventure.

The realms of Hell are getting more violent and brutal by the moment, and that’s making for a fun read. This will be a great ride wherever it goes next.

Ghost Rider #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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