Preview: ‘Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files’ Vol 35 – Dredd Goes To Sin City

by Richard Bruton

‘A deadly virus, a quarantined city – discover the ‘Sin City’ of Judge Dredd’s nightmares’ – That’s the Rebellion tagline for the latest collection of Joe Dredd’s adventures, reprinting Dredd from the beginning, in order… yep, MC-1 really is the harbinger of doom for the world we know!
Oh yes, as we catalogue the Dredd stories from back in 2002 (2124 in MC-1 years), it’s time to revisit something of a lost epic, Sin City by John Wagner and Kev Walker.
But this is no story of Dredd losing his shirt in Vegas, this is something of a thematic precursor to what Wagner would later unleash on MC-1 with Day of Chaos – ‘A tale of a deadly virus, a city under quarantine, and a blood-thirsty quest for vengeance that will claim thousands of lives‘ – oh yes, and all here in the pages of Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 35.

So, as the floating metropolis of tempting illegal delights known as ‘Sin City’ has anchored outside MC-1, it’s Dredd’s job to head onboard to keep order. But his real mission is to locate a terrorist, Ula Danser, pushing De-Megification looking to destroy the Mega-Cities. And coming to meet her, with a biological payback for what Dredd unleashed in The Apocalypse War, is Orlok the Assassin!

Elsewhere in the 304-page volume, there’s all the Dredd delights you expect, from Dredd taking cadets for more than a walk in a deadly park, reunions with both Rico and his niece, Vienna, Brit-Cit royalty, love affairs, and plenty of action aside. Pretty much a normal year in the world of Dredd really.
Judge Dredd The Complete Case 35 is out on digital on 14 May and out in print on 1 October, all part of the delayed scheduling going on thanks to this damn virus. And whilst we’re talking of that, do us all a favour, wash your hands, keep your distance, phone your loved ones, and keep safe and well. We’ll get through this.
Now, a few preview pages for you… starting off with Wagner and Walker on Sin City

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol.35 collects stories from 2000 AD Prog 1276-1301 and Judge Dredd: Megazine 4.07-4.13. Published by Rebellion, it’s released to the world in print and digital on 14 May.
Written by John Wagner, Gordon Rennie, Robbie Morrison, Alan Grant. Art by Carlos Ezquerra, Paul Marshall, PJ Holden, John Burns, Rob McCallum, Ian Gibson, Cam Kennedy, Peter Doherty, Kev Walker, Wayne Reynolds, Mike Collins, John Higgins, Richard Elson, Colin MacNeil

And we’ll end with a couple of pages from one of Wagner’s little masterpieces in here, with Colin MacNeil on art, with Dredd having a melancholic reunion with his niece… it’s a perfect little tale of duty done in that manner that only Wager can do…

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