‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ Continues This May With Black Widow And Red Guardian

by Gary Catig

COVID-19 may have caused the Black Widow film to be delayed, but that’s not stopping video games from moving forward with their tie-in products. This May, the two new fighters joining Marvel Contest of Champions are Black Widow and Red Guardian. Their character designs are inspired by the movie, which will be released this November 6th instead of the original May 1st release date. Check out what Contest has in store for the next month:
In the wake of the Cabal’s collapse, Black Widow has been tasked with locating and recovering a lost mind control weapon. To accomplish her mission, Agent Romanoff will need the help of an old friend. Red Guardian is a fellow former soviet and an honorable and trustworthy ally. However, they soon discover that they are not the only ones chasing the lost Cabal technology. A secretive mastermind has employed the skills of Taskmaster, the photo-reflexive mercenary, to stop Black Widow from finding this weapon at all costs!
It’s a race across The Battlerealm, with new foes to fight and where old allegiances will be tested in this month’s Event Quest: Black Widow: Red By Dawn!
Both characters are coming in May and Kabam released a motion comic to promote their arrival. There will also be updates that will include bug fixes, balance updates, and more; information on which can be found here.

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