The Mission Continues In ‘5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem’ Preview

by James Ferguson

This month sees the release of 5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem, the fourth book in the graphic novel series from Penguin Random House and we’ve got an early preview to share with you. We’ll see the heroes travel to the desert planet of Salassandra to continue their mission of lighting ancient beacons to restore environmental harmony to an overheating galaxy. As with the previous volumes in the series, this one introduces a new ecosystem and inhabitants that expand the overall mythos behind 5 Worlds. This chapter has Oona Lee not only having to light a new beacon through elaborate dances that command mystical sands, but also convincing a crowd of 10,000 to join her in singing the anthem. 5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem is written by Mark Siegel (who also provides layouts) and Alexis Siegel and illustrated by Xanthe Bourna, Matt Rockefeller, and Boya Sun.

Co-Writer Mark Siegel says:

The 5 Worlds team has been constructing a dense fiction of planets and beliefs since the 2017 release of The Sand Warrior, and we’re seeing seeds we planted three years ago bloom in The Amber Anthem. From the history of the beacons to the mysterious Felid gods who built them, this book offers a parade of surprises from both the villains opposing Oona, Jax, and An Tzu, as well as a few from within.

The theme within 5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem is timely as it features villains sowing confusion and mistrust through the people of Salassandra, preventing the public from aiding Oona and her peers in their mission. As the heroes near their goal, the nefarious Mimic possesses the corporate overseer Stan Moon, working in tandem with other corrupt officials to bend perception against Oona.

Siegel continued:

Though our fiction embraces the fantastic, our five worlds are not immune to the same problems we face on Earth today. These past four years have witnessed an onslaught of bad actors and propaganda. New foe Peet Bowl and an unexpected voice from the past use those same weapons of ambiguity against our heroes.

5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem is set for release on May 12th, 2020. It is currently available for pre-order at your local comic shop, bookstore, and Amazon.

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