Chinese Animation Is Coming In Hot With ‘Ne Zha’

by Tito W. James

Based on the ancient Chinese legend, Ne Zha is about a demon-born boy causing havoc for gods and mortals. Ne Zha makes the bold move of staring a destructive anti-hero and delivers fights of mythological proportions.

The story has a good balance between, action, humor, and serious emotion. There are also several provocative scenes that are sure to appeal to fans of transgressive cartoons. If you enjoyed the surprisingly violent moments in Next Gen you’ll love Ne Zha.

Ne Zha also marks a turning point in Chinese animation. After years of struggling to gain its own identity, Chinese animation is developing several exciting animated feature films.

White Snake is another Chinese animated film based on an ancient legend. The film is distributed by GKids, which in itself lends the film credibility. GKids has been responsible for distributing the best international animated films and taken great strides in the mature animation movement.

And finally we have Jiang Ziya, from the same animation studio as Ne Zha. Out of all the Chinese animated films on this list, Jiang Ziya looks the most dark and epic. Hopefully, audiences will see Ne Zha and White Snake at home and then get excited to see Jiang Zyia in theaters.

Ne Zha is now streaming on Netflix. White Snake is available on Blu-Ray.

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