Review: ‘Wicked Things #2’ Is Like A Bizarro Version Of Clue

by James Ferguson

Lottie Grote came to town for a gathering of young detectives. Now she finds herself as the number one suspect in the attempted murder of legendary detective Kendo Miyamoto. As the metaphorical storm clouds gather above her, Lottie makes a deal with Scotland Yard itself in an effort to clear her name.

Where Wicked Things #1 introduced us to these characters and this world, this second issue hit the ground running. We are back in full swing with this creative team that made Giant Days such a smash hit. Writer John Allison has this story moving at a breakneck pace that’s packed with intrigue and so many jokes. I laughed out loud numerous times while reading this book and for good reason as this is such a fun comic.
Much of this comes from artist Max Sarin’s work as it’s incredibly expressive. They come close to cartoonish in terms of the overreactions that appear on their faces, saying so much about each character, their personalities, and their emotions…and they’re all absolutely charming. It’s so easy to get wrapped up with these folks as they feel natural, even with their over-the-top aspects.

Those cartoonish elements further come into play with small details Sarin adds to the artwork, such as steam coming out of a frustrated detective’s head or lightning bolts emerging from Lottie’s eyes in anger. Colorist Whitney Cogar makes these little additions pop on the page, amplifying them by changing the background color on occasion. There’s a great one where Lottie’s sister gives a death stare with skulls hanging around her head. The background fades away and turns into a strange gothic purple / pink.
The natural quality of each character is accentuated by Jim Campbell’s letters, bolding certain words to provide not only context, but tone. We get an understanding of each person’s voice based on how they speak in this book.

I will admit that the overall situation Lottie finds herself in is a little absurd, yet incredibly riveting. It’s quirky and so much fun to read. As quickly as this issue moves, the final page looks to give way to a faster pace as Lottie’s mind starts racing as to how she can solve this mystery. This is like a bizarro version of Clue that’s just as funny and fast-moving.
Wicked Things #2 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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