Preview: ‘Major Eazy Vs Rat Pack’ And Two Classic Carlos Ezquerra War Stories In One Great Crossover

by Richard Bruton

What’s better than Major Eazy? … that would be Major Eazy vs Rat Pack – a classic war crossover from the 70s, brought back to you in a new hardcover from the Treasury of British Comics and coming your way this October.
It was only a little while ago that we brought you the news of the reprinting of the adventures of Major Eazy with The Italian Campaign coming out next year. But before then, there’s the chance to see the classic crossover that brought the good Major together with a rag-tag group of convict soldiers. Yes, it’s Major Eazy vs Rat Pack – the war’s dirtiest fighters led by the war’s coolest soldier.
The Treasury Of British Comics reprints this 12-part crossover story from the pages of Battle Picture Weekly as a 48-page special edition hardcover collection from the Treasury webshop on October 1.
The 1977 crossover between Major Eazy and the Rat Pack shares the book with two carefully selected stand-alone Battle classics featuring art by Carlos EzquerraThe Hidden Bomb and The Orphan from 1980.
Both Major Eazy (created by Alan Hebdon and Ezquerra) and The Rat Pack (created by Gerry Finley-Day and Ezquerra) have their roots in the classic 70s war movies – with Eazy obviously based on the film presence of James Coburn and the Rat Pack drawing obvious inspiration from The Dirty Dozen – a group of convicts released from prison to carry out suicide missions.
And with these two great tales running in Battle at the same time, the crossover event was a must, explained away by having the Rat Pack’s commander, Major Taggart, recovering from injuries sustained while in the hands of the Gestapo.
It’s another bit of classic Brit comics history coming back in just the sort of package that’s going to look stunning there on your bookcase!
And now, the first couple of Major Eazy Vs The Rat Pack episodes…

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