Something For The Weekend: Our Regular Round-Up From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

Okay, here we go again another Saturday and another rundown of our more popular spots from this past week. Enjoy, stay safe and stay well.

  1. The top tidbit of comic book news this last week was the announcement of a return to the Watchmen universe and a Rorschach 12 issue maxi-series by Tom King and Jorge Fornés coming this Fall from DC Black Label and set 35 yards after the original series. Read more about this announcement here.
  2. Also in comic book news this week was the announcement that The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would be spinning out into two new teams and an all-new series, Mighty Morphin rom IDW. More here.
  3. The news of a scientifically funded Covid-19 online comic book, Planet Divoc-91, aimed at entertaining and educating was met with a lot of readers’ interest. If you missed out, read up about it now.
  4. We posted a few interviews up this week, with Tito W James talking with Becca Hillburn about her current crowdfunded 7” Kara here.
  5. Another crowdfunding creator we spoke with this week was Natasha Kennedy talking about her campaign for her creator-owned comic book Tempest here.
  6. Not one of our favorite comics of the week, but people still read our review of Fantastic Four #21 which I described as an “unnecessary Empyre tie-in”. Read it for yourself here.
  7. In Movie News, Ben Martin took a very long, hard look at Batman: Forever, which celebrated 25 years this year. A well researched and informative article and available to read here.
  8. The producers of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla served up a new trailer this week ahead of its release this Fall. Check it out here.
  9. Yen Press announced that they now have the rights to producing Manga comic boos based on Kingdom of Hearts III and Wizards of Mickey, two popular Disney properties. Have another look at the news here.
  10. You didn’t think we’d forgotten about our weekly preview of 2000AD did you? Still bringing readers to this regular Monday afternoon slot, but then it is the galaxy’s greatest comic, right? Check it out here and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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