Back To ‘The Thirteenth Floor’: Max The Homicidal Computer Returns!

by Richard Bruton

Planning for Halloween? Yeah, it’s a while away, but let’s face it, the way things are going with time these days, it’s going to be with us before we know it. So… this Halloween it’s time to catch up with the exploits of maniacal Max, the homicidal killer computer from… The Thirteenth Floor

If you don’t know the story of this classic, it’s all about the strangest social engineering project you’ve ever seen – as the homicidal computer Max returns in a new collection of The Thirteenth Floor, featuring never-before-reprinted classic horror comics!
Whether they were loutish hooligans or nosey inspectors, Max would send humans he didn’t like to his thirteenth floor – a kind of nightmarish virtual world where their worst dreams became a fitting punishment, whether it was zombies, giant cockroaches, medieval executioners, or sharks!
After his exploits in the first volume, where Max, somewhat overly protective computer looking after the residents of council tower block Maxwell Tower, took his job all too seriously – even if protecting the residents means taking the unwelcome visitors to the tower to the infamous 13th Floor… where a visit can be deadly!

So Max the computer has been shut down and removed from Maxwell Tower – being exposed as a homicidal killer will do that for you. So, he’s been packed off to the private sector in the second volume of The Thirteenth Floor – one of the most iconic comics of the 1980s – which will hit shelves and digital devices on 15 October.
But being exposed as a homicidal killer isn’t the end for Max. The unscrupulous council have sold the AI to the fancy Oxford Street department store, Pringles. He’s mobile and he’s got a new mission – hunting down the shop-lifters, the obnoxious customers, even the odd secret agent…

Max has gone mini… but that just makes him more dangerous!
The Thirteenth Floor was one of the most fondly remembered of all the strips to come from the pages of the short-lived British horror weekly Scream!. Created by John Wagner and Alan Grant, alongside some classic and spectacular artwork from José Ortiz, the horrors of The Thirteenth Floor return in all-new, never before reprinted delights from October 2020.
Max’s body count rises as things get more serious, with Wagner and Grant, aided by Ortiz’s masterful linework, gleefully find new ways to torture authority figures and ne’er-do-wells alike. The shift to the varied environment of a department store gave the creative team’s imaginations free rein to lampoon the latest fads and fashions, while making sure their readers saw every gruesome detail!

Originally beginning in Scream!, The Thirteenth Floor enjoyed a long run in the relaunched Eagle when the two titles merged in 1985.
This new collection features the stories from Eagle from 20th April 1985 to 22nd January 1986, with additional tales from the Scream! 1982 Holiday Special and the Eagle Holiday Special from 1986, most of which are being reprinted for the first time and have been remastered by Rebellion’s experienced reprographics team to provide maximum scares in time for Hallowe’en!
It’s scary time all over again in October. Make a note in your diaries kids… and enjoy the delights of our special preview from The Thirteenth Floor

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