Best Of British: Chloe Noonan – The Return Of The Whinging Ginger Ninja

by Richard Bruton

Something slightly different today with Best of British. No new comic, no new graphic novel release, just a new strip from one of my favourite Brit artists, the wonderful Marc Ellerby where he brings back an old favourite – Chloe Noonan!

That’s Chloe above, plus her smiling creator.
Yes, Marc Ellerby’s been one of my fave British artists since I first saw his autobiographical diary comic Ellerbisms and then his YA fantasy comedy series Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter. Unfortunately for us all, he decided a fair few years ago that the life of a starving comic artist self-publishing his own stuff wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and spent quite a few years working on Rick & Morty (we chatted to him about that here), Doctor Who, Dungeons and Dragons, Regular Show, The Beano and The Amazing World of Gumball.
Thankfully, he’s decided that paying rent and eating are secondary to making comics and is slowly returning to making his own creator-owned comics. And part of this includes the return of his (and my) favourite whinging ginger ninja, the incredible, the miserable, the grumpy heroine who’d rather Netflix and chill than go out and do the Buffy style monster hunting she’s meant to be doing. Yes, it’s CHLOE NOONAN!

Here’s what I said about it back in 2009…
“Chloe Noonan, Monster Hunter is just such a fantastic idea, done so very well, that I just can’t help but think that if he gets the right bit of luck with it he’ll have a huge hit on his hands.”
“…..heaps of Scott Pilgrim style goings-on; young folks, funky dialogue, bit of weirdness and smart cartooning. Chloe is a monster hunter (no, not like Buffy). She’s English, doesn’t have any special powers and frankly thinks this monster hunting lark is rather getting in the way”
Yep, still stand by that.
And now she’s back… but just how does a monster hunter manage to work from home in quarantine?
Just like this…

If you want to know more, go check out the full Quarantine Chloe strip, ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe‘, check out his site, support him making of new comics through his Patreon or tipping him over at Ko-fi. Or just say Hi on Twitter!
Oh, one last thing – his intro to his Patreon strip – the second Ellerbisms and Chloe cross-over…

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