Ixalan Season Continues In Latest ‘Magic: ManaStrike’ Update

by Gary Catig

Last month was Ixalan Season for the hit PvP strategy mobile game, Magic: ManaStrike. The season continues in the latest update, Ixalan Season II, which provides new Magic Pass Rewards and introduces two new unit cards — both are colorless.
Livewire Lash allows melee attacks towards both enemy ground and air units and unleashes even more damage based off of the enemy’s max HP. Gadget Swarm conjures up three Clockwork Beetles and three Hedron Scouts. The scouts deliver melee attacks on ground units while the beetles unleash ranged attacks on air units.
The latest Magic Pass Rewards include a Planeswalker selector, Skin selector, Level Boost Voucher, Emojis and Player icons. Just like last season, the Planeswalker Selector — which allows a player to choose one of three Planeswalkers released during the soft launch — will be available as a Magic Pass reward.
Magic: ManaStrike is Netmarble’s first game featuring the popular Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering franchise. It is currently available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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