The Eternals Return In New Comic This November

by James Ferguson

You didn’t think Marvel would release an Eternals movie without a corresponding comic book, did you? The publisher has announced Eternals #1, a new comic written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Esad Ribic providing a new vision of b classic Marvel creation.

“I said if I was ever to do a book again at Marvel, it would have to be something I’ve never done before. This is exactly that. This is me teaming up with literally my favourite artist of the epic, taking one of those lightning-storm Kirby visions and re-making it to be as new as the day it was forged,” Gillen said. “While Esad makes whole worlds on the page, I’m applying all the skills I’ve developed when I was away. It’s a lot. It’s everything. There’s enough scale packed in here that I believe that when you look at the comic, you’ll see the pages slightly bulge. Essentially “Eternal” has to mean “never going out of style” which means we’re aiming for “Instant classic.” Also – fight scenes, horror, human drama, emotions, explosions. Comics!”
Gillen’s statement is intriguing as he said something similar for his work on the upcoming Warhammer comics. It makes me wonder what else he hasn’t touched in the Marvel Universe and what characters I’d love to see him tackle.
Eternals #1 is set for release in November 2020.

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