IDW Announce They Will Continue To Make Comics Returnable Until At Least End of 2020 To Support Retailers

by Olly MacNamee

IDW Publishing have today announced that they will continue to support retailers by making all their new released comic books fully returnable for at lest the rest of this year.
Here’s more from IDW on this supportive program and its extension:
“These guarantees help to provide comic specialty shops a risk-free opportunity to stock new launches and other key IDW releases — which allows retailers to order with confidence and to gauge customer demand effectively.
IDW is upholding its original pledge to aggressively promote store traffic via social media initiatives, email messaging to subscribers, and additional means of customer outreach in order to further support the comic shops taking advantage of the risk-free returnable programs.”
Jerry Bennington, IDW’s President added:

It’s important during these challenging times to make the process of ordering and stocking products easier for our retail partners. Their success keeps an entire industry alive.

Every little helps and I am sure bricks and mortar stores will appreciate this extra step IDW are taking.

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