DC FanDome: ‘Stargirl’ Season 2 Promises More Grundy, A Possible Hooty, And A Pink Pen

by Erik Amaya

Solomon Grundy will return.
While it will be some time before Stargirl can even begin to film its second season, a few of the stars and executive producer Geoff Johns convened for a DC FanDome: Explore the Mutliverse panel over the weekend to offer a few hints regarding what’s to come. Chief among them: Grundy’s continued presence even if the Injustice Society is in tatters. “He’s not gone,” Johns said when actor Cameron Gellman recalled fighting a foam-rubber blob with a “smiley face” for his part of Hourman’s fight with the lovable zombie. Additionally, Johns said a “cool story idea [is] coming up” for the character. Naturally, we’re hoping it’s something like what Stargirl producer James Robinson did with Grundy in the pages of Starman — making him someone Rick (Gellman) must care for has a lot of dramatic potential.
Curiously, Johns avoided any discussion of the other Starman character expected to appear next year: The Shade. Though teased in the Season 1 finale, no mention was made of him at all. Hopefully, his story will also be inspired by Robinson’s Starman; The Shade as an “anti-villain” is the most interesting take on the character.
Other ideas bandied about include Dr. Mid-Nite’s pet owl, Hooty, and “things like the pink pen.” Since Jakeem Thunder was name-checked in an early Season 1 episode, we hope to see him appear soon. One tease Johns seemed to walk back, though, was the Green Lantern Courtney (Brec Bassinger) took from the JSA headquarters. While the cast members openly wondered about it, the producer evaded any direct references to the prop or a potential successor to Alan Scott. And considering the Green Lantern concept will be getting its own HBO Max series, we expect this Earth-2 lantern will be forgotten in favor of characters the series can call its own, like Sandy Hawkins or Obsidian.
For her part, Bassinger wants to see more of the rivalry between her character and Shiv (Meg DeLacy), which she likened to a “Kim Possible and Shego” rapport. Johns indicated the character would return.
Stargirl is currently set for a “mid-season 2021” launch on The CW, but with productions still coping with COVID-19 realities, it remains to be seen how quickly the new JSA will start another adventure.

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