It’s A Demonic Family Feud In The New ‘Helstrom’ Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Helstrom looks to be quite a swan-song for Marvel Television. As the division’s final live-action series, it goes out without the Marvel logo, but it still feels like vital and valid part of the Marvel TV universe. Daimon Helstrom’s (Tom Austen) latest issues with his mother, Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel), leads him to call for aid from estranged sister Ana (Sydney Lemmon). But does the force inhabiting Victoria have a bigger plan for this family reunion beyond the feuding?

The series also features Robert Wisdom, June Carryl, Ariana Guerra, and Alain Uy. And since the show has been orphaned by the end of Marvel Television, it is unclear just how many ties it will have to, say, fellow Hulu series Runaways or the former Netflix quintet. But that may be less of an issue here as Helstrom seems built to stand on its own. And from this first look, it feels like a worthy October watch with its demons, devil-children, and supernatural powers.
Helstrom premieres on Huly on October 16th.

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