‘Shop Titans’ October Update Contains Largest Content Drop Yet

by Gary Catig

The award-winning multi-platform game, Shop Titans, is a hit with casual gamers looking for medieval shop keeping simulators. Its most recent update provides the most amount of new content at one time than it has experienced before.

Fans should get excited for the Tier 10 Update. It contains three new dungeons to explore and an all-new boss that drops rare crafting components. These components can be used to create 32 new blueprint items.

For those who have and constructed Tier 9 blueprint items and have finished all the previously released monthly events, the update also introduces various activities both inside and out of the shop. They can make, gather or sell 32 new blueprint items that are more valuable and harder to craft.

Also, there are three new crafting components that are only found in the Sunken Temple Dungeon. Additional improvements include Steam Guild Chat and Achievement integrations, Extended Ascension Milestone Tracks and New Guild Perks.

During the month of October, seasonal/timed packs can be purchased at the following times:

  • Mystic Duo Mega Pack – Oct. 6 (VIP) / Oct. 9 (All Players) to Oct. 17
  • Halloween Mega Pack – Oct. 20 (VIP) / Oct 23 (All Players) to Oct. 31

Shop Titans can be downloaded now through the App Store, Google Play and Steam.

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