NYCC 2020: Amazon Unleashes An ‘Invincible’ Teaser

by Erik Amaya

After what seems like ages, Amazon’s animated adaptation of Invincible is finally on its way with a trailer to prove it.

Based on the comic book created by Robert Kirkman and artist Corey Walker (though Ryan Ottley illustrated the series), Steven Yuen stars as Mark Grayson, the son of renowned hero Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons) and successful novelist Deborah Grayson. On his 17th birthday, he begins to develop powers inherited from his alien father. Omni-man begins to train Mark in a “suspenseful, action-filled, and emotion-packed” series that “builds upon poignant and heartwarming moments of love, friendship, and humanity.” The first season will consist of eight hour-long episodes. According to Kirkman, the show will follow the comic fairly closely. Although, he admitted some things will be remixed or re-emphasized. Nevertheless, he said, “the things you want to be there will be there.”
It will also maintain the level of violence from the comics. “We’re not holding back on the violence. If anything, it’s a little more intense. It’s moving … and a little more gruesome. It’s important to the story,” Kirkman said. The violence is juxtaposed with the family drama and, to him, needs to have an element of “realism” — even in a world of costumed superheroes.
One difference from the comics, though, will be a revamp of character designs from Walker, who also worked on the animated series.
Beyond Yuen, the series also features the voices of Sandra Oh, Zazie Beetz, Mark Hamill, Walton Goggins, Jason Mantzoukas, Mae Whitman, Chris Diamantopoulos, Melise, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin, Max Burkholder, Andrew Rannells and more. “This is a very intense character drama,” Kirkman said. “And they’re bringing their A-game.” He also revealed Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Micheal Dorn will voice Battle Beast.
Invincible comes to Amazon in 2021.

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