Thought Bubble Digital Comic Con 2020: Happening Right Now

by Olly MacNamee

This weekend should have been Thought Bubble’s sophomore year in Harrogate and like so many others, I should have been there.

But, like so almost every other comic book convention it was not to be. And so Thought Bubble have organised an impressive programme featuring the likes of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque talking about American Vampire (toady at 4.30pm GMT), Ram V (discussing the writer’s process today at 2.30pm GMT) and Happy Hour at the Thought Bubble Arms hosted by exiting Comics’ Laureate Hannah Berry and featuring Charlie Adlard, Sean Phillips, Duncan Fegredo, John McCrea, Lee Garbett, Emma Vieceli, Rachael Stott, Doug Braithwaite, Si Spurrier, Abz J Harding in what will be a fun evening of swapping anecdotes and getting stuck into the odd drawing game or two before Kieron Gillen round off today’s events with getting behind the wheels of steel over on Twitch. And that’s just today’s offerings.

For a full programme of today’s events head over to the Thought Bubble site here and plan your day. And we’ll be bringing you the best of the weekend’s events right here too.

Here’s to a great weekend everyone! And rather busy one for yours truly. So, in many ways, it will feel like I’m there.

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