Anthrax And Z2 Comics Team Up For ‘Among The Living’ Graphic Novel

by James Ferguson

In celebration of Anthrax’s 40th anniversary, Z2 Comics has announced a collaboration with the thrash metal legends with Among the Living, a graphic novel anthology. The comic is narrated by longtime mascot “The Not Man” newly designed by Greg Nicotero. Anthrax band members Charlie Benante and Scott Ian are joined by Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, Corey Taylor, Joseph Trohman, Gerard and Mikey Way, and Rob Zombie, with more to be announced. It features artwork from Roland Boschi, Maan House, Dave Johnson, Scott Koblish, Darrick Robertson, Erik Rodriguez, and more. Among the Living features covers by Charlie Benante, JG Jones, and Eric Powell.

Benante and Ian will collaborate on an original story inspired by “I Am the Law” featuring Judge Dredd in partnership with 2000 AD. This makes the decades-long connection between the character and the band official.

“Doing a comic book has always been a huge goal for me” said Anthrax’s Charlie Benante. “I’ve tried for years, but something always comes up and sidetracks me. I was ecstatic when Josh Bernstein brought the idea to us to do a graphic novel based on our album Among the Living.  I felt that it was the perfect time and opportunity to fulfill that dream. I am a lifelong artist and have been drawing during the pandemic more than ever, so I had the idea to bring my own artwork to this project.  As a fan of the Judge Dredd series since the 80’s, it was an honor to create cover art based off of Dredd and Judge Death. The amount of talent that is going into this project is astounding, I scratch my head just thinking about it!”

“Comics are one of the two things (the other thing being Horror) that I’ve been into longer than music” said the band’s Scott Ian. Comics were/are my constant. Music joined the party and became my constant as well. I started a band. I wrote lyrics about comics and horror and they connected with people all over the world. And now for the 40th (40!!!) anniversary of Anthrax, I get to cross the streams and merge my constants with a graphic novel (comic) celebrating the album that made such a mark on the planet – Among the Living.  Getting to be a part of this process – choosing writers and artists to express what these songs mean to them has been incredible. I made a wish list of writers/artists/musicians that I would love to be a part of this not really thinking we’d get them. I was aiming high, the list had Grant Morrison’s name at the top – and Grant said yes. Brian Azzarello said yes. Eric Powell, J.G. Jones, Greg Nicotero, Corey Taylor, Rob Zombie, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender, Joe Trohman, Gerard & Mikey Way – they all said yes. Holy crap!”

Ian added “I pitched a Judge Dredd story for ‘I Am The Law’ that I’d been thinking about for a while. It was an idea I actually talked to Grant about one night after an Anthrax show in Glasgow over a few drinks. This idea has stayed with me, I’d never written it down, it was one of those ideas that would smack me in the face every few months demanding to be recognized, I just didn’t have an outlet for it. And then I did have an outlet with this project but, we didn’t have the rights to use Dredd in our book. You have to ask right? So we sent my idea to the kind folks at Rebellion and they green-lit my story. And there my friends is the moment where everything came full circle for me as a life-long comic nerd and the as the guy in Anthrax. Thank you Among the Living for making it all happen.”

Among the Living will be offered in multiple formats including deluxe and super deluxe editions. These will feature special picture disc vinyl, an exclusive MadBalls toy, art prints, and even a gold record plaque. All of these are available for pre-order at Z2’s website.

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