Milestone Anniversaries Coming In 2021 (Part 2: 1961)

by Olly MacNamee

By 1961 superheroes were making a comeback. DC Comics had heralded in the Silver Age in the late 50s with the introduction of new heroes such as the Martian Manhunter (1955) and Batwoman (1956) as well as fresh new takes on Golden Age heroes with debuts for the Flash (1956) and Green Lantern (1959). But 1961 was a lean year. Although, there was one big debut from young guns, Marvel Comics and…


Fantastic Four

Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the Fantastic Four debuted in their eponymously titled series in November 1961.

A family-focussed superhero sci-fi action-adventure series, over the years Marvel’s first family have introduced some pretty big characters into the 616 universe including the Silver Surfer, the Inhumans, Black Panther and more. Excelsior indeed, and the book that started the Marvel revolution.

Hawkman (Silver Age)

Now he didn’t get a oversized special last year when his fellow Justice Leaguers Green Lantern and the Flash did, so maybe this year? After all, it’s also the Golden Age Hawkgirl’s 80th.

Replacing the ancient Egyptian reincarnation origin of the Golden Age Hawkman and making him a space-faring policeman from the planet Thanagar gave it an updated origin in keeping with the growing appetite for sc-fi themed stories.

Created by Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert the Silver Age Hawkman made his debut in The Brave and the Bold #34.

Ray Palmer, the Atom, is the only other real superhero who first appeared in Showcase #34. Created by Julius Schwartz, Gardner Fox and Gil Kane, the Atom was another sci-fi leaning update of the original Golden Age namesake. And, a huge improvement on the original too.

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