Review: The Star-Lord Faces The King In Black In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ #10

by Tony Thornley

The Guardians have had a rough year. However, the return of one of their own might be just what they need to face the King in Black.

Cover by Rafael Albuquerque

The series was already pumping on all cylinders before, but it’s clear that Peter Quill’s return in a very different form will transform the series. It’s a thrilling set up for the next chapter for the Guardians from Al Ewing, Juann Cabal, Federico Blee, and Cory Petit.

Knull is cutting a bloody path through the universe on his way to Earth, and that path takes him right up to Spartax. The Guardians are overwhelmed and undermanned. Thankfully the all-new Star-Lord has suddenly reappeared and now they have a chance.

I’ll say this first and foremost- in the opening three pages here Ewing did more to make Knull scary than anything else in the last two years of tie-ins have. This isn’t a superhero story- it’s a disaster tale. Readers can immediately pick up on the hopelessness, the urgency, and the terror as Knull devastates Spartax and the Guardians are helpless to stop it.

The new Star-Lord is without a doubt the highlight of the issue though. Ewing creates a take on Quill that’s recognizable but evolved, a completely new incarnation of the hero. Cabal makes him eerie, and adds a god-like quality in his body language that elevates the character in a unique way. 

Cabal’s work across the entire issue is great. On one page he sets the POV in each panel as a down angle that makes it appear that the characters are smaller than they actually are. Every time Peter uses his new powers, Cabal gives it an awe inspiring wait. If it falls short anywhere, it’s in Blee’s colors which have moments where the colors are over-rendered, and creates some unusual textures on the figures. 

The future of the Guardians is in flux and this issue sets up the promise of what that will be. I’m not quite sure where Ewing and Cabal are heading with the countdown but it sure looks like it’s going to be huge.

Guardians of the Galaxy #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.


Ewing and Cabal transform a Marvel mainstay in a huge way, as the Guardians face the King in Black.

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