Preview: Square Up Against Trolls, Gnomes, And Squirrels In ‘Orcs!’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

Aimed at fans of The Adventure Zone and Critical Role, BOOM! Studios’ new series Orcs! launches this week under the KaBOOM! imprint. An all-new original six-issue comic book series by cartoonist Christine Larsen, Orcs! is about a band of misfit Orcs who set off into the great, wide Known World in search of glory and gold but find that the real treasures were the friends they made along the way.

‘The Adventure Starts Here! Join Bog and his crew, who were banished from their Orc village by King Hrograhgah (it was a simple misunderstanding, involving an acorn-related prank!) and must now venture out into the world to seek their fortune and hopefully, one day, find their way back home again. 

Bog, Zep, Pez, Utzu and Gurh’s many adventures will find them entering the dreaded Eerieasallhel Forest, facing off against Trolls, Gnomes, squirrels and more, and even following in the footsteps of the legendary Orc hero, Dod One-Eye!’

Orcs! #1 features main cover art by series artist Christine Larsen, as well as variant cover art by Sweeney Boo and Miguel Mercado and will hit your local comic book store’s shelves on February 10, 2021.

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