‘Yumi: Spy Fatale, Baddie Royale’ Sets The Spy World Aflame On Kickstarter

by James Ferguson

12-Gauge Comics has hit Kickstarter for Yumi: Spy Fatale, Baddie Royale, an original graphic novel from writer Doug Wagner, artist Hoyt Silva, colorist Kevin Lennertz, lettered Frank Cvetovic, designer Sasha Head, and editor Lisako Yamauchi. It features blood-soaked katanas, sentient Lamborghinis, and a soundtrack that can level city blocks. The comic centers on Yumi, the world’s greatest hacker, demolitions expert, and anti-spy as she embarks on a globe-trotting mission of vengeance as she searches for her kidnapped boyfriend, super secret agent Richard.

Yumi pays homage and respect to the massive contribution Ian Fleming gifted the literary world, while bringing a modern flair to the genre,” Wagner explains. “Yumi may sound like a spy story, but it embraces so much more. Yumi is about how love can inspire a person to become more than they believed of themselves. It’s ridiculous and over the top. It’s a story of unconditional, all-consuming love filtered into an action blockbuster—Scott Pilgrim meets Kingsman, all wrapped in a sassy, heartwarming pancake.”

“So many explosions. So many countries. So many battle sequences. Yumi: Spy Fatale, Baddie Royale is one of the most adrenaline-fueled projects of my career—Doug’s script crackles with momentum,” Silva explains. “It was an amazing challenge to match that sheer energy.”

Yumi: Spy Fatale, Baddie Royale features covers by Lois (Loish) van Baarl, Eliza Ivanova, and Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi. It’s available in a digital version as well as softcover and hardcover versions for physical copies. Additional rewards for the Kickstarter campaign include prints, commissions, and a zoom call with Wagner and Silva. The campaign runs through March 11th, 2021.

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