Review: The Sordid History Of The Intergalactic Postal Service Revealed In ‘Space Bastards’ #2

by Olly MacNamee


‘Space Bastards’ #2 lets us in on the history of the Intergalactic Postal Service as well as giving us a closer look at the man who runs it, Roy Sharpton. A man who most definitely puts the “bastard” into ‘Space Bastards’.


Space Bastards #2 gives us a look behind the wizard’s curtain, so to speak, as we learn of the sordid history of the Intergalactic Postal Service (IPS) and its owner, the culturally inappropriate Roy Sharpton. A loser in business multiple time over and a man who is lumbered with the IPS, rather than gaining it though the usual channels of commerce. But, he is an ideas man, I’ll give him that. Even if his ideas are often offensive. And by “often”, I mean always.

And in learning of the change in ownership of the IPS some six years previously we also get the backstory of it’s best delivery operator, Manny Corn, too. The whole issue gives us a great deal of background to the majority of players we met last issue. You won’t be surprised to learn, as we saw in that debut issue, they are all truly space bastards, one and all. 

Artist Darick Robertson seems to be having a blast in delivering the dense and detailed artwork for this book, while writing partnership Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey are themselves have a grand old time of it providing the dark humour and requisite over-the-top violence.

It goes without saying – so I’ll write it instead – that if you enjoyed The Boys, you’ll definitely dig this too. Sharpton is a politically incorrect businessman with something of the Stan Lee showmanship about him, while we learn that Manny has always been a take-no-prisoners kinda guy and perfect for this kind of operation. Together, as the opening from TV’s Hart to Hart used to say, it was murder. And plenty of it too.

A dark, comical space opera that may be full of cads and bounders, but you’ll live it nonetheless.

Space Bastards #2 is out now from Humanoids

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