Garth Ennis And Liam Sharp Come To Gotham With ‘Batman: Reptilian’ This June

by Olly MacNamee

The Green Lantern Season Two has only just wrapped up and Liam Sharp is already onto his next project. And what a tantalising project it is too. Teaming up with Garth Ennis, these two comic book legends will be turning their attention to Gotham City and Killer Croc in a new six part DC Black label series, Batman: Reptilian. And, just like Strange Adventures by Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner, it will be produced in standard comic book format at $4.99 an issue.

“Gotham City is filled with murderous creatures who stalk the shadows–foul villains with murderous impulses who strike fear into the hearts of every man, woman, and child in the city. But what strikes fear into the hearts of those who terrorize the city? It used to be Batman, but something far more frightening than a mere man has begun stalking the shadows—and it’s after Gotham’s villains. How savage must a monster be to haunt the dreams of monsters?”

Variant cover by Cully Hamner

With covers by Sharp as well as Cully Hamner (Batman and The Signal), who provides the variant cover, and Bill Sienkiewicz ( a 1:25 ratio variant) this will mots definitely be one that all Batman fans will be clamouring for.

Batman: Reptilian #1 is out Tuesday June 22nd from DC Comics/DC Black Label


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