“Are You Wearing … A Curtain?” — Let’s Talk About ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 8

by Erik Amaya

In the life of every genre series, there comes an amnesia episode. When dealing with the supernatural, losing one’s memory is a fairly easy trick to pull off narratively and it gives the actors a chance to flex against the grooves of their characters. Also, if done correctly, they’re just fun.

But we have to hand it to Wynonna Earp for doing all the amnesia episode tropes correctly and still using the device to break our heats. Doing so is an Earp specialty, but damn if it doesn’t get us every time.

(Spoilers follow)

As seen this week, the loss of memory is caused by a fog initially attributed to Casey (Andrew Phung) when he tries to avoid containing Rotten Jack; a local demon who stalks Purgatory every Halloween. It leads to some stellar work from Melanie Scrofano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley as they play against the established personalities of Wynonna and Waverly, but they also underscore some of their core traits — Wynonna’s glee when Amon (Noam Jenkins) produces the bra with the rhinestone donut, for example. Beyond that, we even get hints to the deeper mystery within Waverly as she becomes more assertive in the absences of her memories. Is it her purely angelic self peering through?

And speaking of Waves’ angelic nature, is it the source of Wynonna’s emerging jealousy? She speaks to it just before they enter the fog. The whole episode leads away from it because they are united as the Earp Sisters at the end, but Wynonna’s quips could stem from the power imbalance neither of them wants to confront. Or, perhaps, Wynonna already senses Waverly will have to return to the Garden at some point to defend the world from whatever else lurks within it.

The amnesia plot also gave Amon the chance to become full-on evil. Up until now, we’ve seen him play at it while his business interests and attraction to Doc (Tim Rozon) kept him a minor threat in comparison to the Black Badge Division, Eve, or the Clantons. But it’s now clear he was always waiting for his moment to reach for Bobo’s crown, as it were. That bid appears to have failed, which is a shame as Amon definitely grew on us as this glamorous bisexual demon with nefarious intent. But it is possible he can still talk his underlings out of their “freedom” and pressure Doc into paying him what he owes.

Or, conversely, convincing Doc that he can best pay back that debt in bed.

Doc, dressed as Freddie Mercury, finally revealed one of his cards when he told Casey he loves the Earp Sisters more than anything else in his long life. In light of his recent disagreements with Wynonna, it’s a surprise, but considering the history of the character and his recent actions to help the Clantons, it is nonetheless monumental. Whether or not he and Wynonna ever smooth over their current troubles, it is interesting to see Doc admit these sorts of things out loud. Though he still guards his heart, it’s clear the Clantons forced him into an introspective mode. Hopefully, that will lead to something positive in the remaining episodes.

Oh, and before we forget, congrats to the costume department for the Halloween ensembles, particularly Waverly’s ladybug dress. It’s super cute, absolutely Waverly, and something Earpers should have easy access to right now.

Okay, time for the sad stuff. The truth about Robin (Jim Watson) was just so tough to learn. As Jeremy (Varun Saranga) tells Wynonna, Robin jumped from a BBD truck to find her, Doc, and Waverly when the Garden door first opened, but got lost in the fog (which apparently emanates from the Garden) for months. In that time, he lost his complete sense of self and clawed his own face off. BBD gave him a new face and a new life to work with. And in that time, he also found a new boyfriend. Robin, in the form of actor Justin Kelly, was such a wonderful addition in Season 3, that suck to hear he got the worst of it — granted, we still don’t know what became of Kate (Chantal Riley). Nevertheless, it’s an absolute heartbreak to know he lost so much trying to help out the fam.

Then there’s the double heartbreak whenever Jeremy gets a closeup. And when you recall how hard his life has been outside of his days in Purgatory, it just feels like he can never win. We can relate, but we hope there is some sort of happier state awaiting him in the next few weeks.

But Jeremy’s status leads to one plot question: why did the BBD want Rotten Jack extracted? What use could they have for hellfire? Considering what Dolls (Shamier Anderson) told us about their operations back in the second episode of the series, it cannot be good.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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