Levi Kamei Is Put Under The Microscope In ‘The Swamp Thing’ #3 Preview

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Ram V
Pencils by Mike Perkins
Coluored by Mike Spicer

“Reeling from his battle with the Pale Wanderer, Levi Kamei seeks the true nature of his transformations. And what better place to find his roots than the heart of the Green itself? There, he and Jennifer will encounter the realm’s many denizens, including one known as Holland and…Poison Ivy? Who will aid Levi and who will harm him? If he is to pull Jennifer and himself back to the real world, Levi will need all the help he can get to tame the Swamp Thing running wild within.”

The Swamp Thing #3 is out Tuesday May 4th from Dc Comics

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