Dynamic Forces Joins ‘The Experience’ For Two Shows This Weekend

by Erik Amaya

While YouTube Channel The Experience always features plenty of content on a daily a basis, they are please to announce two shows with Dynamic Forces and Nick Barrucci over the weekend.

Tonight at 7pm, Barrucci and collector Will Gabri-El will appear to discuss and sell signed original artwork by the likes of Keith Pollard, Don Newton, Jerry Bingham, Jack Kirby and Bill Everett. And on Saturday at 6pm Eastern, Barrucci will return with signed work from John Romita Jr, Dan Jurgens, Donny Cates, Kevin Nowlan, Walter Simonson, and more.

Collecting original art is one of the most interesting — and lucrative — functions of a comic convention and though most shows are still dark, it has been interesting to watch the business migrate to YouTube channels and livestreams over the last year. We also admit we’re fascinated with the use of video for this sort of thing as well; in some ways, it feels like a new form of entertainment. But for those looking to increase their collections, these shows may be well worth your time.

The Experience can be found on YouTube or Facebook

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