Review Round Up: Your Weekly Comic Book Review Digest

by Olly MacNamee

Over that past week our regular team of comic book reviews managed to post seventeen separate reviews, and every Saturday we like to round them all up and present them to you all the one place.

Scott Redmond reviewed Marvel Comics’ Marauders #20 here, Silk #2 here, Miles Morales; Spider-Man #25 here,  IDW’s Sea of Sorrows #5 here, and BOOM! Studios’ Firefly #28 here.

What with it having been a Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK at the start of the week I took this chance to catch up on some reviews of my own with a look at Image Comics’ Nocterra #3 here, Time Before Time #1 here, DC Comics’ The Swamp Thing #3 here, Marvel’s Fantastic Four #31 here, Heroes Reborn #1 here, and BOOM! Studios’ Once and Future #18 here. Yep, that was quite an intense day, I must admit. I can’t think of the last time I posted so many reviews! Thank the gods this next week is a quiet one.

Meanwhile we also got reviews from James Ferguson for Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man #65 here, and Tony Thornley reviewed The Immortal Hulk #46 here.

Finally, for this week’s round up, Cesareo Garasa gave us his thoughts on Image Comics’ Two Moons #3 here, AfterShock’s I Breathed A Body #4 here and  Dark Horse’s Young Hellboy #3 here.

As ever, there were comics we loved, comics we enjoyed and some that didn’t live up to expectations. Any you agree or disagree with? You can always let us know on here or on social media!

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