Previewing One Of The Greatest British Comics Of All Time: ‘The Rise And Fall Of The Trigan Empire’ Vol. III

by Olly MacNamee

Our regular 2000 AD expert, Richard Bruton, revealed the line-up of releases coming out this year from Rebellion, with a third volume of The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire out this July and up for pre-orders now. It’s a classic strip that any kid of the ’60s and ’70s will fondly remember and now magnificently reprinted as both a limited edition hardback (with an exclusive Chris Weston cover) and soft back edition too.

With only 400 of the hardcovers available, I made damn sure I’d ordered mine before offering up this preview that really showcases the fully painted artwork of Don Lawrence. A truly iconic comic book strip beautifully restored for a new generation of readers. And some of us over fans too.

“This is the epic story of the Trigan Empire’s rise and fall, and of how Trigo, often alone, had to fend off usurpers and monstrous threats to save his people. The lush painted comic art that Don Lawrence produced in this period would solidify him as one of the greatest comic book artists of all time.”

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Vol. III is out July 22nd from Rebellion/Treasury of British Comics

Exclusive webstore cover by Chris Weston



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