Review: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ #14 Kneels Before Doom

by Tony Thornley

There is something big coming. A threat greater than anything the Guardians of the Galaxy have ever faced before. That means their only hope lies with Victor Von Doom. Naturally that makes for one hell of a read.

Cover by Rian Gonzales

The second chapter of the next stage for the Guardians starts with a bang. However, Doom is not the only surprise (I say that loosely since we’ve known via the main cover for months now), and those surprises are what makes the book a blast to read. It’s thanks to Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri, Federico Blee and Cory Petit.

Evil is coming, just over the horizon. Doom has foreseen it, and knows that the Guardians of the Galaxy need him to stop it, though he does not need them. To convince them of that, he must humble them before Doom. However, he may just underestimate this team of heroes. Meanwhile, things get extremely scary for the second team of Guardians across the galaxy…

Ewing continues to create incredibly dense, but extremely satisfying stories month after month. This issue is really a prolonged fight scene, but it’s got many more layers to it than anyone might think. It turns into a clever character study of Doctor Doom and his arrogance. It builds plot points for the future as you watch the action unfold. And best of all, it shows why this particular squad of Guardians are the most formidable to date, in several different ways.

Frigeri is quickly showing off his skills as a penciller. Even though the fight between Doom and the Guardians takes place in tight quarters, he still makes sure it feels epic and engaging. Then, when the action shifts to Drax and Phyla’s team, he creates a sense of building terror, which Blee’s colors help heighten. It’s great work by the art team, creating an extremely fun read while still making it unsettling and frightening.

The creative team is continuing to craft one of the most engaging and complex ongoing superhero stories right now. It’s building to something big and I’m excited to see what it is.

Guardians of the Galaxy #14 is available now from Marvel Comics.


The Guardians are in it deep as Doom tries to take control of the team. The writing is a blast, the art is getting more exciting and the team gets in it deep. It’s a horrifying build up to something evil on the horizon (but also a hell of a lot of fun).

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