Jumping On- New Story Arcs Kicking Off On May 19, 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

One of the hardest and most frustrating things about finding new comics to read and enjoy is finding a good jumping on point. It can be confusing and disheartening to pick up a single issue from the middle of an arc without having the context of the previous chapters.

With that in mind, here are some titles kicking off new story arcs and a few interesting #1’s premiering this upcoming New Comic Book Day, Wednesday, May 19, 2021.  

New Arcs:

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #6, BOOM! Studios

In a very cool move, BOOM! Studios released the entire first arc of We Only Find Them When They’re Dead a couple weeks ago. So, not only is chapter six kicking of a new arc this week, you can grab the first arc in trade paperback and get yourself fully up to speed. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

‘Fifty years have passed since Captain Malik and the crew of the Vihaan II embarked on their fateful mission-and the universe has changed in ways no one ever expected.

Jason Hauer, one of the fated Vihaan II crew, is now 71 years old and living a life on the razor’s edge between the Harvesters and the Worshippers. But as these rival religious factions clash throughout the galaxy, Jason finds himself thrown into the center of the chaos and forced to confront his tortured past.

But the only people who can help Jason have their own secret agenda-one that may bring him face to face with Captain Malik in ways beyond comprehension…’

Stillwater #7, Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment

Chip Zdarsky and Ram K Perez‘s  sensational horror series returns!

‘Chaos in Stillwater erupts! With the Judge nowhere to be found, Ted and his militia storm the town and take control. But in this small town where no one can die, there are others willing to go further…’

Notable #1’s dropping this week:

Wonder Girl #1, DC Comics

‘The story of Yara Flor starts here! Raised in the far off land of Boise, Idaho, Yara Flor has always felt something was missing from her life — and now she is headed to Brazil to find it.  Little does she know her arrival will set off a series of events that will change the world of Wonder Woman forever.  Her return has been prophesied, and with that prophecy comes the undivided attention of benevolent gods from pantheons beyond.  Danger lurks around every corner — but is this young hero ready for her journey?  Find out in a debut issue you absolutely cannot miss!’

Spinning out of the bestselling Future State: Wonder Woman, acclaimed writer/artist Joëlle Jones makes a triumphant return to the character to officially introduce her into the DC Universe.  You think you know Wonder Girl, but you have never seen her like this.

Legends of the Dark Knight #1, DC Comics

‘The iconic series Legends of the Dark Knight is back.  Comics icons and rising stars alike will tell digital-first stories across the Batman mythos, beginning with comics legend and co-creator of The Boys Darick Robertson writing and drawing an epic three-issue super-villain crime drama!

A new player has arrived on the scene in Gotham City and is selling deadly chemicals to the worst villains in town: Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and even the Joker!  It’s up to Batman to stop the villains, track down the supplier, and save Gotham City once more!’

Fantastic Four: Life Story #1, Marvel Comics

‘In the tradition of Spider-Man: Life Story, and in celebration of the FF’s 60th Anniversary, comes this series setting the lives of the fabulous foursome in real time across the years! Amid the backdrop of the Cold War and the Space Race, a terrible accident gives the Fantastic Four great powers, a terrible secret, and entangles them in the history of their planet.’

Redshift #1, Scout Comics

‘While humanity grapples to survive on Mars, the Ministry of Exploration pins mankind’s last hope of resurgence on an astronaut who’s scared of space. In this space odyssey brew of Total Recall and Interstellar, Hellener and his team of explorers hunt for a new home while civil war threatens to obliterate the last bastion of human life.’

Far Cry: Rite of Passage #1, Dark Horse Comics

‘President Anton Castillo’s only son, Diego, has just turned thirteen, but this birthday is more than a celebration–it’s a rite of passage. By telling his son about Vaas Montenegro’s inner struggles, Anton wishes to teach Diego the importance of harnessing the power of chaos.

Features fan-favorite villains from Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, and Far Cry 5!’

Misadventures #1, Scout Comics, Scoot Imprint

‘Thrown to the outer realms of Nether-Earth, Jimminy, a young show-off wizard apprentice, teams up with a gruff Viking princess, Marius. This awkward alliance must outwit oddball villains as they struggle to return home, but they’re not alone. Will the mysterious presence secretly trailing them turn out to be friend or foe? Enjoy the first issue of this NON-STOP! title followed by the entire story collected soon after in one volume.’


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