Art For Art’s Sake #107: Tanks For The Attitude!

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, where we trawl the artistic depths of that Internet thing to extract all that stunning artwork to blast your eyes with. And this week… extra action with the Girl with the Tank!

Jill Thompson – Hellboy Weird Tales

Ka-Zar The Savage by Brent Anderson

Lee Weeks – Catwoman

Nick Cardy – Teen Titans

NIghtwing #79 & #80 covers by Jamal Campbell

Phil Noto – X-Men

Neal Adams

Neal Adams once more – The Witching Hour #10

Alan Davis

David Hitchcock

Far Sector – Mirka Adolfo

Chris Bachelo – The Endless

Kevin Wada – some Vision & Scarlet Witch work… very Wandavision!

And to end… Tank Girl!

It’s the Girl With The Tank… the girl I fell in love with back in 1988 from the first moment I saw her in Deadline #1, back in 1988 when Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett‘s character took centre stage to begin a life of fame and fortune.

Martin and Hewlett met mid-80s studying at the West Sussex College of Art and Design, but Martin was already in a band (The University Smalls) with ace comiker Philip Bond and the three of them had started collaborating on a comic/fanzine called Atomtan. Around this time, later to appear in Deadline… that brilliant, wonderful, take no prisoners girl as drawn by Jamie Hewlett

Now, more Jamie Hewlett

After Hewlett’s involvement tapered off – rock & roll beckoned! – Martin eventually carried on Tanky’s adventures with a series of artists… including (and more next week!)

Brett Parson

The first time she met Jet Girl and Sub Girl…

Warwick Johnson Cadwell (WJC) –

Matteo Scalera

Brian Bolland

Chris Wahl

Tula Lotay

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