Omega Mutants Change The World In New ‘Planet-Size X-Men’ Variants

by Tony Thornley

The Krakoa X-Men era has already forever changed the Marvel Universe multiple times. Now Planet-Size X-Men is coming in June to shake things up even more and some new variants show that the Omega mutants are a HUGE part of that.

On sale on June 16th (6/16… hmmm…), Planet-Size X-Men is a pivotal chapter in the massive story that started with House of X/Powers of X. Set squarely in the middle of the Hellfire Gala event, we know next to nothing about Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia’s game changing one-shot. However, Marvel has revealed that the story will include the introduction of several all new Omega mutants, which is a huge shift for the line as a whole, as readers learned that Omegas may be mutant-kind’s most valuable resource.

While we wait for more information, check out these newly revealed variant covers from Olivier Coipel and Terry & Rachel Dodson, as well as the first interiors from Larraz and Gracia from the one-shot.


Pick up Planet-Size X-Men on June 16th, and watch for more news about the story and the Hellfire Gala!

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