‘Bite Sized Archie’ Goes Big With Syndication On Tinyview

by Brendan M. Allen

Bite Sized Archie, Archie Comics’ first webcomic series, is expanding its online presence with a new syndication deal with digital comics app Tinyview and the upcoming release of the first in a series of digital collections on ComiXology.

“We created Bite Sized Archie because we were looking for a new way to deliver funny and relevant comics content directly to our dedicated fans on social media,” said writer and Archie Comics Director of Publicity & Social Media Ron Cacace. “We’re continually amazed and humbled by the positive feedback from readers of all ages. And getting to add the series to a platform like Tinyview, where a whole new audience will be able to follow along weekly alongside our current readers on social media, it’s such a wonderful feeling and we’re so grateful for the opportunity.”

“I never would have thought that my random lunch break doodles of Archie and Jughead would set the style for the company’s first ever web comic series,” said artist and Archie Comics Art Director Vincent Lovallo. “I’m very grateful to Ron, my comrade in comics, who pushed the concept for the series forward and continues to deliver smart, relevant, and fun stories that anyone can enjoy.”

New and previously published editions of Bite Sized Archie will continue to be posted every Friday on the Archie Comics social media pages, while Tinyview users will get a special early preview on Thursday evenings. All previously released and upcoming editions of Bite Sized Archie will be available on the Tinyview platform and adapted for its vertical-scroll format.

Bite Sized Archie joins a diverse assortment of popular webcomic series on the platform, which specializes in delivering short bursts of comics content directly to readers in an easy-to-read format and is the first addition from a major American comics publisher on the service.

“Everyone who reads comics got into Archie at one point or another,” said Matt Bors, Founder of The Nib and Editorial Advisor to Tinyview. “It’s an honor to get such a revered strip on Tinyview.”

Bite Sized Archie will also be heading to digital comics platform ComiXology with a digital volume collecting the first 16 comic strips and extras including behind-the-scenes conversations, character sketches, and more.

Written by Ron Cacace and illustrated by Vincent Lovallo, Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1 is available exclusively on ComiXology June 2, 2021. 

‘We hope you’re hungry… hungry for laughs! Archie Comics’ first-ever webcomic series, Bite Sized Archie, is here! This volume includes sixteen hilarious strips of bite-sized fun covering everything from video games to pop culture to embarrassing group chats. 

Complete with exclusive bonus features, character sketches, and behind-the-scenes conversations from the creative team, this digital collection shines a brighter light on the comic that’s been delighting Archie fans on social media every week! Collects Bite Sized Archie #1-16 plus bonus features.’

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