GoldKnights Offers An Eight Minute Trailer For ‘The Last Oricru’

by Sage Ashford

Developer Gold Knights and publisher Prime Matter Games have shown off an eight minute overview of their upcoming action RPG, The Last Oricru. The trailer introduces the game world, Valdania, which is both a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, where players are one of the only humans on a world torn apart by war.  The developers promise a world that has heavy story focus, with the player’s choices affecting how the story goes as well as how other factions in the game world perceives them.

The game’s Steam page goes into greater detail:

“The Last Oricru is a story-driven action RPG, that puts you in the middle of an ongoing conflict between two races, on a partly terraformed planet, isolated from outer space by a protective barrier. Your decisions will bring interesting twists into the gameplay, as you can heavily influence the conflict and its outcome. You will experience hundreds of intense fights in a brutal medieval meets sci-fi world, where every decision has its consequences. Level up your hero, improve your skills before facing one of many boss fights and get ready for an unprecedented amount of possibilities.”

The Last Oricru launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC in 2022.

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