Comic-Con@Home 2021: The Legacy Of Chucky

by Ben Martin

During the past couple of years, virtual conventions have offered a variety of panels that cover a wide berth of topics. I appreciate such interview panels as they always feel intimate and generally informative. However, there are always one or two virtual events that are purely promotional. For Comic-Con@Home 2021, The Legacy of Chucky falls into this pure promo category. But, for any fan of the Child’s Play/Chucky franchise, this 15-minute featurette offers up some tasty informational morsels on the upcoming TV series Chucky.

This featurette is the standard fare you’d expect from such a promotional piece. In other words, it’s a mix of behind-the-scenes footage, episode, and interview clips featuringfranchise creator Don Mancini, and cast members Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent, and Christine Elise. From all this, we learn that this TV show will be a true sequel as it picks up after Cult of Chucky (2017). 

More than that, though, this series will maintain the darkness of Mancini’s last couple of sequels while returning to the tone of Child’s Play 2 (1990). (A choice that intrigues me as I think Child’s Play 2 is the second-best sequel in the series next to Bride of Chucky (1998)). We also learn from Mancini that “We have 8 hours of story to tell (with this series).” While I can’t see this series going more than a couple of seasons, I’m very interested in seeing where Chucky goes after seeing the trailer attached to  the end of this featurette.

Chucky will premiere simultaneously on USA Network & SyFy on October 12th.

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