‘Cornerman’ Rescues The World’s Superheroes On Zoop

by Brendan M. Allen

Cornerman is a brand new comic from two veteran comic creators, Ray-Anthony Height and Chris Robinson, launching soon on upstart crowdfunding platform Zoop.

The crowdfunding campaign has a goal of $8,500 and features pretty standard pledge rewards, including a copy of the book, limited edition variant covers, signatures, sketch covers, and more surprises dropping throughout the campaign. There will be retailer level rewards as well, while Height will be offering original art pages from his time on Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.

‘Superpowers don’t come with fight training! That’s where Jason Drexler comes in. As the world’s greatest fighter, Drex mastered thousands of martial arts as well as the strategy needed to fell any opponent. With no interest in being a superhero himself, he became the government’s go-to for training their super-powered heroes how to throw a punch properly. 

For years now, Drex has been semi-retired, training Saudi princes and eccentric actresses to pay for his younger sister’s education so she can use her brain to save the world, instead of her fists—Until one day he gets a call that changes everything! The premiere government sponsored super team (made up of heroes Drex personally trained) has been captured! They need him to hang up his training mitts and go into the field for the first time to mount a rescue mission single-handedly—unless you want to count the bumbling junior hero, Boson, whom the government has shadowing Drex, of course (Drex doesn’t). 

Meanwhile, the superheroes are powerless to escape their mysterious captors—but that won’t stop Close Quarters, A.K.A.  Andrea Drexler, from using everything her older brother taught her to try to get out of the situation—lest Drex rescues them and finds out how she’s been spending her grad school nights!’

Interested readers can sign up for notifications for when the campaign launches or pledge when the crowdfunding project is live right here.

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