Kickstarting Comics: Jennie Gyllblad’s ‘Promenad’

by Richard Bruton

Another great Kickstarter for you right now – with the return of Jennie Gyllblad for the short horror comic, Promenad


Gyllblad’s someone I’ve featured here at Comicon a couple of times, a talented creator whose work on the web and in print always delivers quality comics. Go take a look at the Webcomics Weekly feature on Skal or the last Kickstarter campaign for her adults-only Artemisia if you want to get an idea of what her work is all about.

As for Promenad, Gyllblad describes it as “a short 20-page horror comic inspired by strange things I’ve seen while walking my dog in the local woods and surrounding area.”


Which, if you’ve seen Gyllblad’s work already, is something you know is going to turn into a particularly creepy experience! It does look particularly good – drawn and painted in traditional fashion – loads of lovely black ink on every page!

This is Gyllblad’s second short horror comic – her first, Signatur, is available through this Kickstarter as both a bundle and part of the new KS add-on feature, letting you add various elements into your pledge amount.


She’s a particularly great example of Brit comics (well, Swedish by birth, Brit by immigration – something this particular little island should always be proud of, that glorious mix of cultures we have, something we’re forgetting as we grow, sadly, more insular.) So go support her now – back the Kickstarter, follow her on Twitter, go see her on Twitch, and go buy her books here!

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