Outland Entertainment Inks Distribution Deal With Comics Experience Publishing

by Brendan M. Allen

Outland Entertainment has announced they have partnered with Comics Experience Publishing to distribute comics and graphic novels. The arrangement will bring such projects as Warlock 5 and Dragonring, penned by Cullen Bunn, directly to comic shops. 

“Outland has been creating explosive graphic literature since 2008, but their focus hasn’t been on the direct market until now,” said Andy Schmidt, Publisher at CEX.

The Outland Entertainment catalog will slowly begin rolling out through Diamond in late 2021 or early 2022. In addition to Warlock 5 and Dragonring, the initial launch will feature eerie British import Hopeless, Maine, and successful webcomics The Bean and Fox & Willow, which both make their full-color print homes with Outland.

Outland, which began as a project management and creative services company in 2008, started publishing comics, novels, and games in 2017. Since then, they have primarily distributed their catalog of graphic novels and books through IPG (Independent Publishers Group), while their games are distributed through Studio2 Publishing.

“Getting our comics and graphic novels into comic shops is really the last piece of the distribution puzzle that we’ve been working on for several years,” said founder Jeremy D. Mohler.

Andy Schmidt, who previously worked as an editor and writer for Marvel Entertainment and IDW Publishing, and has written for Boom! Studios and DC Comics, has dedicated the bulk of his career to helping creators overcome very real obstacles the industry is loaded with. 

Andy founded Comics Experience, the online comic book school, in 2007 and struck publishing partnerships with both IDW and Source Point Press. He founded ONS Printing to bring quality printing and bulk pricing to creators in 2019, and finally launched Comics Experience Publishing (CEX) in 2021.

“My whole career has (led) to this point,” said Schmidt. “I’m all about removing obstacles for talented creators and, in the case of Outland Entertainment, other fantastic publishers. The world needs more great comics, and our partnership with Outland is going to deliver just that. I couldn’t be more excited about these books.”

“I knew pretty shortly after meeting Andy that I wanted to work with him,” said Mohler. “I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’ll be working together to get the Outland catalog of books out to comic shops. I can’t wait to see our books on the shelves of my local comic shop!”

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