Great Scott! New ‘Back To The Future’ Figures Up For Pre-Order From Hot Toys

by Gary Catig

Hot Toys is known for creating high end collectibles associated with some of the biggest and fan favorite brands. For their latest additions to their Movie Masterpiece lineup, they turn to the beloved 80s film, Back to the Future. Fans and collectors alike can recreate scenes from the movie with the upcoming 1/6 scale figures.

First, there is the Marty McFly & Einstein Collectible set. It features a newly developed hand-painted head sculpt with the likeness of a young Michael J. Fox and boasts over 30 points of articulation. It comes with eight interchangeable hands to mix up the poses and display options. The figure also has fully tailored clothing, including Marty’s blue jeans, a T-shirt, a checkered shirt, his suspenders, a denim jacket, and his orange vest along with a pair of white sneakers, a camcorder, Marty’s portable cassette player with headset, a black wristwatch, a skateboard, a red backpack, one handout leaflet (Save the Clock Tower!), three badges and a figure display stand with movie logo and character nameplate. Also included is an Einstein collectible that is hand painted with highly detailed fur.

The Doc Brown collectible figure has a hand painted head sculpt with the likeness of Christopher Lloyd. He too has over 30 points of articulation and comes with 4 different hands. He also features Doc’s hazmat jumpsuit with radiation symbol and orange details, a long sleeved shirt, a Hawaiian shirt, Doc’s tool belt with tools and pouches, one pair of orange sneakers, one highly detailed remote, one clipboard with notes, two watches, one portable printer (can be placed in the pouch), one stopwatch, one stopwatch for Einstein, one climate graph, one notepad, one pack of pens, one measuring ruler, eleven tools (placed within the tool bag) including four screwdrivers, two pliers, two wrenches, a flashlight, a steel square rule, and a roll of duct tape and a figure display stand with movie logo and character nameplate.

There is a deluxe version for Doc Brown that also includes one plutonium case, with a bottle of removable plutonium.

The Marty McFly & Einstein Collectible Set, Doc Brown Collectible Figure and Doc Brown Deluxe Figure are now up for pre-order via Sideshow.

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