Disney Schedules Four Marvel Films For 2024

by Erik Amaya

Marvel Studios’s next phase continues apace.

According to Fandango’s Erik Davis, Disney has scheduled four Marvel Studios productions for release in 2024. The current dates include February 16th, 2024, May 3rd 2024, July 26th 2024, and November 8th 2024. Potential films to take those slots include Captain America 4, Deadpool 3, and, perhaps, Fantastic Four — although that last film may be one of the final projects slated for a 2023 release alongside Blade.

Speculation regarding the other 2024 films runs from a likely Shang-Chi sequel to, perhaps, the first Marvel Studios X-Men film. That said, the studio is famously tight-lipped about its future projects (sometimes to the point of absurdity). Anything is possible, with some suggesting a fourth MCU Spider-Man as something which could emerge.

Beyond the actual films, though, is the possibility of 2024 introducing Phase 5. During the 2019 convention season, studio president Kevin Feige and his calendar projections suggested Phase 4 would conclude with Thor: Love and Thunder, but a recent Disney+ sizzle reel included all of the currently scheduled films — which includes May 2023’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 — as part of the current phase. Since MCU phases are malleable things, it is possible we will not know the real shape of Phase 4 and Phase 5 until 2025.

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