Art For Art’s Sake #121: Marvellous Murakami

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – bringing you the pleasures of a weekly image drop of sequential art delights for quite a while now… all ending with some delicious art from Glen Murakami

Ty Templeton… always a great artist, great writer, great comedian – How to lie to an editor…

Simon BisleyKnights of Pendragon #6

Phil Noto

Andre Juillard – cover from 80 Weeks

Kevin WadaWonder Girl #2 – Pride variant

Paulina GanucheaWonder Woman #773 – Pride variant

Moebius – the master… loving this Nighthawks tribute to Edward Hopper – done for an exhibition tribute to Hopper –

More Moebius – costume designs for Alien

Terry Moore

Now, a few Spider-Mans… It’s something I always love seeing, different artists bringing their own take to the character, and Spidey really seems to be a character that artists have a load of fun with…

Steve McNiven

Bruce Timm

Sebastian Piriz

Rafael Grampa

Character studies from Otto Schmidt – 2 Moon Knights and a Batgirl…


Okay then… that was fun.

What shall we end with this week? How about Glen Murakami? – probably best known for his animation work on Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, he’s also a damn fine comics artist…

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