Kathryn Hahn And Agatha Harkness Reportedly Getting Their Own Disney+ Series

by Erik Amaya

It seems we finally know Agatha Harkness’s (Kathryn Hahn) true objective: her own WandaVision spinoff.

And it seems she will get her way. Variety reports a spinoff is indeed in development with Hahn set to return as Agatha. Described as a “dark comedy,” the series will be spearheaded by Wandavision head writer Jac Schaeffer. Naturally, Marvel is keeping mum on the report, but as Variety points out, Schaeffer signed a long term deal to remain in the Marvel/Disney/20th Television fold in the wake of WandaVision‘s success.

As for Agatha, she’s currently held in stasis as her “Agnes” sitcom persona. Presumably, something will come of that in or around Doctor Strange in the Mutlverse of Madness. Or, perhaps, Schaeffer will choose to use the sitcom format again by focusing on spinoffs like Rhoda and Frasier. Seeing Agatha stuck in a prison where Agnes “moves” to the big city, but is still somehow confined to her apartment (a la Rhoda) has some appeal to it. Then again, a complete tonal shift, like Lou Grant moving its title character into a drama after years of sitcom antics on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, would also be a great choice.

And that’s even assuming the potential series will even stick with WandaVision‘s love of television. An Agatha series could focus on the spookier, magical aspects of the character and her world. It might even give the fans another chance to obsess over the potential for Mephisto to manifest in the MCU.

Like all new TV series announcements, it is unclear how soon the show will arrive on Disney+ — or even if it will go to series — but considering the lead times of the Marvel Studios shows so far, late 2023 feels like a good guess.

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