‘Rick Grimes 2000’ To Be Collected In Hardcover By Skybound/Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Debuting in Skybound X #1, Rick Grimes 2000 told the story of an alternate The Walking Dead universe across the five issue mini-series. And now the entire run is being collected by Skybound/Image Comics as a hardcover collection by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley.

Rick Grimes was a small-town police officer. Then the world fell to the walking dead. But the dead were only the start… and a new tale of alien horror begins here.

“The entire concept of Rick Grimes 2000 began as a gag many years ago, and it’s been thrilling to take that and tell one of the wildest and most fun stories we’ve ever told. I am so glad that our community has enjoyed this completely different take on the Rick Grimes character and can now collect every page of this zany, outlandish adventure.” – Robert Kirkman.

Rick Grimes 2000 will be available on June 1st 2022 in comic book stores and from 7th June in bookstores too.

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