Marvel’s ‘The X-Cellent’ Finally Hits Stands In February 2022

by Tony Thornley

In the far distant past of 2019, Marvel’s merry mutants were in a very different place. Cyclops and Wolverine were the only X-Men not assumed dead. The island nation of Krakoa didn’t exist. And a special one-shot revealed an unexpected return.

Now, nearly three years later, Peter Milligan, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred’s follow-up to their popular X-Statix is finally on the horizon, as Marvel reveals The X-Cellent. Twenty years ago, X-Statix was one of comics’ biggest and most unexpected hits, and this follow-up was a surprise to everyone. But almost two years after the announcement, The X-Cellent #1 finally arrives in February to thrill the fans of the original series.

“I’m thoroughly X-Statix to be working with Mike and Laura Allred again,” Milligan said. “And it’s been truly X-CELLENT to discover that we’ve lost none of our alchemical fizz in conjuring up this new comic, this new title, this new beginning: The X-Cellent!”

“The ol’ gang is back together again! Working with Peter Milligan is always a party,” Michael Allred added. “The future is looking brighter for 2022 as we get to show the world how we’ve been playing with our X-Statix Marvel mutants and their new adversaries, THE X-CELLENT! LOVE these characters! Everyone come play with us!”

It’ll be interesting to see what this series is like, especially with the creators shouting the title like that … The original stories, first published as X-Force, then X-Statix, were extremely progressive at the time, such as showing an early same-sex kiss in a Marvel comic. It was also extremely violent, with the entire cast dying at least once through the series run. However, reading them today, they often feel dated, and in some places a little try-hard.

One thing we know we’re thrilled for, though, is the return of the Allreds to monthly comics, with this series being their first long form Marvel work since Silver Surfer ended in 2017.

Be sure to watch this space for more news about The X-Cellent and pick up the first issue when it hits stores in February!

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